Find out if you can get ultra-fast BT fiber in your area with our handy broadband availability tester. Use today our broadband postcode checker Openreach, formerly called BT Openreach but still owned by BT Group,  fibre providers in my area

is by far the largest broadband network in the UK. Some non-contract customers with slower copper ADSL speeds may be paying more for their broadband than new customers with much faster fiber speeds, so it’s always worth checking if you can save money or simply find a better deal if you switch broadband providers. Learn more about a community fiber partnership and express your interest in ultra-fast full fiber broadband.

However, many fiber optic broadband packages are priced very similar (or even cheaper than) current ADSL offerings, so you can benefit from much faster speeds for a very small cost difference. This is a great option for those who want speeds offered by fiber broadband but for whatever reason cannot install fiber in their home. It also has a growing full fiber (or FTTP) network where certain customers can access ultra-fast BT offers, but there is much more competition among other providers for this type of connection than for the slower and more widely available types. However, if there are some of you living in your home, fiber may be needed even for minimal activity.

Most households rely on the Openreach network, as it is the only provider of copper-based ADSL and fiber-to-the-cabinet broadband, which occupy the vast majority of connections in the country. While you can now step into the realm of Ultrafast with speeds close to the 1GB mark, regular fiber broadband offerings will suit most people perfectly, allowing you to easily search the internet, play, download and stream all at the same time. The most widely available type of fiber is known as fiber-to-the-cabinet (FTTC), which uses fiber-optic cables from your provider’s broadband headquarters to the green cabinets on your street. However, Virgin Media is available in more areas than full fiber, so if you’re looking for ultra-fast or gigabit speeds, it‘s worth checking if there are Virgin Media broadband offers available in your area.

You can also connect immediately while you wait for BT Fibre broadband to turn on. Another option could be for your community to privately fund the improvement of your cabinet through a community fiber partnership with Openreach.