FelinePine Platinum Non-lumpy Cat Gravel 18lb. The 100% pine pellets do not contain toxic chemicals, dyes or overwhelming perfume.

ter box, all that is left with it is a pleasant, natural pine scent. When filling the box with Feline Pine, you do not need to protect your eyes or don a face mask; pellets are dust free.  https://www.billige-traepiller.com

Vihar has no complaints about pellets, but customers who prefer lumpy litters can choose our top choice. Our premium pick is Simply Pine Unscented All-Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter. It only uses 100% northeast white pine for its pellets and it does not add chemicals or perfume to its product. It is biodegradable and leaves the waste box dust-free after it has been poured.

Pine pellets are made to reduce tracking and they quickly absorb urine. If you are used to dealing with clay litter, you will be pleasantly surprised at how effective pine pellets are at removing the harsh smell of ammonia from your urine. Natural Fresh uses 100% walnut shells in its pellets, and the litter does not include toxic chemicals, clay dust or corn products. It absorbs fluid quickly and reduces odor from urine and feces.

Dinkilling does not pull small pieces of litter around the house because pellets are designed to minimize tracking. The manufacturer claims that walnut is better than clay, corn, wheat and pine to reduce strong odors. We chose Naturally Fresh as our best for the kittens’ choice, but some cat owners with older cats did not like the feeling of pellets. Older cats and cats with joint problems may prefer a softer wood pellet if they switch from clay litter.

SmallPet Select Premium Pine Pelleted Cat Litter is made with 100% pine and it does not contain extra odors or chemicals. Pellets are triple screened by hand to reduce dust, and it makes your cat’s litter box smell like fresh pine. If you have a cold box system sieve, Small Pet Select is an ideal product. If not, buy a sieve pan, four wooden blocks, and urine pads.